The largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean will mark the future of the nautical sector thanks to the implementation of hydrogen technologies

The third edition of the conference Hydrogen ecosystem North Adriatic 2023: Innovation, technology and partnership in action, held near Vipolž in Slovenia, gathered about 200 eminent experts from Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria and Belgium, as well as other countries of the European Union. Representatives of leading technology companies in the field of hydrogen technologies, energy transition and efficiency could be recognized to the greatest extent among those gathered. The focus of this large international conference was entirely focused on the implementation of the “Northern Adriatic Hydrogen Valley” project, which earlier this year was declared the best hydrogen valley for 2023 in the EU. ACI d.d., the largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean, was interested in the exceptional potential for the energy development of the northern Adriatic region, which applied to implement the project itself, and whose members of the Management Board, PhD Ivan Herak and Josip Ostrogović participated in the conference itself.

ACI in step with the race for carbon neutrality of the global economy

The northern Adriatic region, thanks to the hydrogen valley, as the first such project, has the opportunity to become an important development destination of the European Union for the development and implementation of hydrogen infrastructure, but also for a faster regional and European energy transition. Precisely thanks to the “Hydrogen Valley North Adriatic” project, ACI will further position itself as a regional leader in the energy transition of the nautical sector.

“A 40-year long tradition, as well as the continuous implementation of high-tech solutions aimed at sustainable development, energy efficiency and the green transition of business, turned ACI into a logical partner in the project “Hydrogen Valley Northern Adriatic”. With the support of the Governments of the Republic of Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, ACI will contribute to the best project of the Hydrogen Valley for the year 2023 with a new energy infrastructure whose goal is to make the ACI Marina Opatija in Ičići a self-sufficient and energy-efficient maritime hub. It is precisely this model, with which we not only lead to the preservation of the cleanliness of the sea and the environment, but also to the creation of greener, more sustainable and more effective models of management of maritime assets, that our ultimate goal in the future is to implement in all marinas of our system, and the developed technologies will remain as our heritage for generations. which are yet to come”, said PhD Ivan Herak, member of the Management Board for Finance, Corporate Law and Human Resources of ACI d.d.

Prominent people in the energy sector emphasized the importance of pure hydrogen as a solution to a sustainable energy future

The race towards achieving carbon neutrality in the global economy is already underway, which was the key premise of the third edition of the Hydrogen Ecosystem North Adriatic conference. Representatives of energy companies and companies from related sectors that implement technologies for the development of energy efficiency emphasized the importance of pure hydrogen as a key solution for a sustainable energy future. Croatia, among others, was represented at the conference by the company ACI d.d., a pioneer of the energy transition and an absolute leader in the nautical sector of the Republic of Croatia, as well as a partner in the “Hydrogen Valley North Adriatic” project, which is part of the first transnational cross-border hydrogen ecosystem in Europe.

Bart Biebuyck, former executive director of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership Joint Undertaking, European Commission, addressed the gathering on behalf of the organizers. In addition to Ivan Herak, Ph.D., member of the ACI Management Board, Ivo Milatić, State Secretary in the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Sergio Emidio Bini, Regional Minister for Manufacturing and Tourism, Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Bojan Kumer, Minister of the Environment, Climate and Energy of Slovenia, Tiine van der Straeten, Minister of Energy of Belgium, Danica Maljković, President of the Hydrogen Group at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Michelangelo Agrusti, President of Confindustria Alto Adriatico, Anna Mareschi Danieli, Vice President of Confindustria Udine, Vesna Nahtigal, executive director at the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia and many other expert speakers.

ACI recognizes the enormous potential of clean hydrogen as a factor that can transform the energy infrastructure, and through active participation in the development of the hydrogen ecosystem, the largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean creates a path towards a sustainable and clean future and remains a leader in the green transition, recognizing the importance of sustainable business and promoting hydrogen as a key factor in achieving environmental protection goals.

Photos by: Rok Mlinar

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