ACI Golf Range in ACI marina Dubrovnik opened!

ACI Golf Range in ACI marina Dubrovnik opened!

The new Golf Range training course was officially opened in ACI marina Dubrovnik on Thursday, July 6th.

Occupying a surface of one tennis court, this beautiful green area has emerged to offer guests relaxation while playing golf and a break from sailing.
The mayor of the City of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković, has witnessed the ceremonial opening and has officially opened Golf Range by hitting the first ball.
With this innovative project ACI marina Dubrovnik became the first marina on the Adriatic to offer such unique content to its guests.
On the occasion of the Golf Range opening, ACI marinas CEO Kristijan Pavić pointed out: “This is an excellent opportunity to raise the allurement of tourists to Dubrovnik as well as please the visitors who are golf lovers. This project complements the nautical offer of ACI marina Dubrovnik Nevertheless, the Golf range is open to all citizens and tourists who visit the City of Dubrovnik. ”
The construction project “GOLF RANGE CONCEPT” is the latest idea of building golf training courses on the surface of a tennis court. With its innovativeness and excellently elaborated concept, Golf Range Concept promotes golf and makes it accessible to everyone. It consists of a golf training course and a mini golf course and includes all the elements of a professional golf course where one can practice all the strokes as on a real golf course.
“I’m in this part of Croatia for the first time and I must say I’m very glad to be here especially for golf reasons. I am happy about the advancement of golf in Croatia. I hope that one day in this part of Croatia a professional golf course will be constructed,” said professional golf coach Bogdan Palovšnik.
In the construction of the golf training course the most up-to-date materials and artificial grass were used which makes it possible for the golf training ground to be opened all year round.
Take a look at the atmosphere of the Golf Range course opening in our photo gallery.

Photo gallery


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