With the certificates of excellence ACI d.d. has once again confirmed its leadership position in the tourism sector

With the certificates of excellence ACI d.d. has once again confirmed its leadership position in the tourism sector

A series of international standards for outstanding quality, environmental protection, energy efficiency and information security management continues


After the three-year ISO Certification Cycle, ACI d.d. has announced the successful recertification of their systems according to the International Standard for Management Systems and has further confirmed the highest standards of corporate governance. The operator of the largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean has again received ISO 9001 standard for quality, ISO 14001 standard for environmental management, ISO 50001 standard for energy efficiency management and a previously introduced international standard for information security management system known as ISO 27001:2013. Given the above, ACI has become one of the first large Croatian enterprises operating in the tourism sector that are certified according to these four ISO standards.


A constant pursuit of excellence is one of ACI’s core values

The basic goal of the Company’s Management Board is to further improve the quality and safety of the services provided to our guests, improve business processes within the Company, both among the employees and business partners, and contribute to the promotion of sustainable tourism in Croatia. With a view to further increasing quality levels, improving environmental protection and energy efficiency management, ACI has set the main goals to successfully achieve those visions.  When it comes to quality management, the company is intent on going further in setting higher standards and keeping the highest level of services by monitoring and applying new technologies, as well as constantly monitoring and improving guest satisfaction.  At the same time, one of the main goals is to continuously increase the efficiency of the quality management system by establishing the responsibility of all employees at all levels of the organization.


Another one among a wide range of certifications for the highest international standards of marine environmental protection

From its very first beginning, ACI has always stood out as a company whose mission primarily focuses on the protection of the sea, of the coastal areas and of the environment as a whole. Therefore, the goals aimed at improving the environmental protection focus primarily on keeping the seawater and the coastal areas at the marinas clean by constantly improving the pollution prevention from land caused by the activities carried out in the concession area of ​​the Company, as well as by the vessels using the services of the marina. Thereby, one of the core tasks of the company is to promote and implement more efficient waste management i.e. make waste disposal more efficient, as well as to speed up the process when dealing with sudden pollution and spills, with the aim of raising awareness, among both the employees and the guests, of the importance of the marine environmental protection. Finally, energy efficiency plays a central role in promoting environmental protection and sustainable development. In fact, ACI strives to develop energy efficiency by continuously improving energy performance, continuously controlling, reducing and minimizing energy use in performing everyday business activities and by encouraging the use of renewable energies. In addition to the above certificates, ACI received another exceptionally important national award, locally known as ZelEn Certificate, given by HEP OPSKRBA d.o.o. (Croatia’s national energy company), to certify the high environmental responsibility of the company. As a matter of fact, ACI has been rewarded for their use of energy from renewable sources for many years.


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