Reconstruction works of the breakwater are currently in progress at ACI Marina Korcula

The Marina welcomes the boaters and the boats, although with a reduced berth capacity.


Until the completion of the reconstruction works of the breakwater at ACI Marina Korcula, the marina will dispose of 50% of its total berth capacity.  About ten berths will be available for transit vessels.  Furthermore, the local Port Authority will place about ten berths at boaters’ disposal along the waterfront (Riva) and in an anchorage area within easy reach of the town

Greater protection of the nautical tourism port

The main purpose of this breakwater reconstruction is to provide greater safety and stability at ACI Marina Korcula.  In fact, this breakwater reconstruction will provide greater protection to the marina and vessels from strong north winds, waves and adverse weather conditions. In addition to that, ACI Marina Korcula is further improving its service quality by investing in a new electricity and water infrastructure, fire hydrant system and Internet signal.

The marina disposes of 50% of its regular berth capacity. However, boaters can also use berths in the areas of the local Port Authority

Installations, stone cladding and other finishing works should be carried out in the final phase of the reconstruction in line with the building regulations for the construction activities permitted for this time of the year.  Until the completion of reconstruction works ACI Marina Korcula will be operating with a reduced capacity offering 50% of its total berth capacity and about ten extra berths for transit vessels.  All boaters who will not be able to moor their vessel at ACI Marina Korcula due to reconstruction works in progress will be able to berth in the areas of the local Port Authority, i.e. at waterfronts and in an anchorage area within easy reach of the town (Port Uš, Ježevica, Žrnovska Banja). All other tourism facilities located in the downtown (hotels, apartments, operational coast governed by the Port Authority of Korcula County) run smoothly.

The breakwater will blend in with the visual identity of the town

Once the reconstruction works will be completed, the new breakwater will greatly contribute to the tourist offer of the Korcula town, being ACI Marina Korcula a particularly important part of it. Taking into account the location of this ACI Marina nearby the Korcula Town Walls, the marina itself helps create the heartbeat of the city. For that reason, the decorative stone shall be covering the breakwater, thus making the marina blend in completely with the visual identity of the town. The middle pier and the coastal plateau are also planned to be lined with stone in the upcoming years.

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