The newest marina in the ACI system won the “Golden Smile of the Adriatic” award for the friendliest staff of Croatian marinas in 2022

The “Golden Smile of the Adriatic” of the Nautical Patrol, the award for the most friendly staff of Croatian marinas in 2022, has reached the hands of the youngest link of the largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean, ACI marina. This year, the award took on a special significance, since all 60 domestic marinas were included in the competition for the first time, and the participants in the survey were sailors from all over the world, from the distant USA to neighboring Italy. This Nautical Patrol award has been given for six years, and this year, for the first time, the work of the marina was evaluated throughout the year, and not only during the summer season.


The golden smile of the Adriatic…

The information on guest satisfaction that earned ACI marina Slano recognition for the friendliest staff on the Adriatic was in as many as five different languages, and the overall survey also included online reputation, with the survey questionnaire being completed until 31.12. 2022 at midnight. Praises came from all parts of the world, and especially nice messages of support were sent out of pleasure by guests from Great Britain, Italy, Belgium, the USA, Germany and, of course, Our Lady. From the separate statements of guest sailors about the ACI marina Slano, it can be seen that both boat owners and guests are very satisfied with the marina itself and the staff, and in the descriptive part of the questionnaire they point out that the following are the virtues of our colleagues from Slano:

  • “Very nice marina, people are very kind and always ready to help.”
  • “Wonderful experience, beautiful pool, helpful sailors and reception.”
  • “I feel most beautiful and comfortable in ACI Marina Slano.”
  • “The marina is ideal for families, nice pool, pleasant, functional and clean restrooms, friendly staff”
  • “Very nice marina, friendly staff, friendly sailors, wonderful experience.”
  • “Very organized marina, pleasant and quiet, sailors and reception are always at your service.”
  • USA, ship owner: “We have experience with many marinas we have been to and Slano is by far the best.”
  • “I feel the best here.”
  • “The staff is very friendly.”
  • “The best team of sailors on the Adriatic.”
  • “Kindness and helpfulness at every step, from the sailors to the reception and the restaurant.”


…and the golden link of ACI’s chain

In addition to being the well-deserved recipient of the “Golden Smile of the Adriatic” award, which is primarily the result of a solid corporate culture and standards, ACI marina Slano is ideal for all visitors who like to combine peace and rest with an active life provided by the very location. This secluded marina on the northern shore of the Koločep channel is an ideal starting point for enjoying the charms of southern Dalmatia, i.e. one of the most beautiful nautical routes in the entire Mediterranean, which includes the island of Šipan, the magical islands of Korčula, Mljet and Lastovo, and finally the famous Dubrovnik as the most brilliant pearl of southern Dalmatia. In addition, the additional strength of ACI marina Slano is certainly its proximity to the highway, i.e. good traffic connections, which are now at an even higher level thanks to the Pelješki Bridge. This is a special benefit for all drivers, especially owners of electric cars, since during their stay in the ACI marina Slano they can charge their tin pet at the Tesla charging points that the marina has.

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