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The prestigious international award in recognition of sustainable management of the ocean and coastal areas is waving again in ACI Marina Cres.


ACI Marina Cres, one of the most beautiful island marinas on the Adriatic, raised the Blue Flag for beaches and marinas for the 22nd time right on the eve of World Environment Day. The Blue Flag is run by The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and stands for a highly appreciated international award given to marinas and beaches in recognition of high environmental awareness and sustainable management of the ocean and coastal areas. The Blue Flag is not only a highly appreciated tourism trademark, but it also reflects great love for the oceans and huge dedication to keep them clean. And exactly these are the values woven into the foundations of every ACI Marina. 

The Blue Flag Raising Ceremony

This year the receptionist of ACI Marina Cres, Mr. Marijan Sablić and two German guests, Ulla and Peter Fernitz, had the honour to raise the Blue Flag in ACI Marina Cres. The ceremony was also attended by Mr. Đordan Vešković, the harbourmaster of Cres Port branch office.

On the occasion of the Blue Flag raising ceremony and World Environment Day, which is celebrated on June 5th, the director of ACI Marina Cres, Mr. Alan Šepuka, said: “The Blue Flag presents the excellent award that boosts our tourism promotion. It stands for a well-preserved and safe environment, sustainable development of tourism based on high-quality services, clean seawater and coastal areas and indicates high environmental and quality standards of the equipment and facilities at ACI marina Cres. “

Our primary duty and responsibility is to respect and protect the seas and our environment

The Blue Flag for beaches and marinas is an international environmental program for the marine and coastal environment protection aimed at promoting sustainable management of the ocean and coastal areas. The Blue Flag is awarded annually and applies only during the current season. Therefore, the application request for it has to be renewed every year.  Furthermore, the award criteria for the Blue Flag are very demanding and cover a number of areas: Ecology education, public information, water quality, environmental management, as well as safety and quality of services.

Such criteria give a particular importance and significance to ACI’s environmental standards related to marine environment protection. In witness thereof, all ACI Marinas open all year round are proudly waving their Blue Flags. Bearing in mind that beaches and marinas suffer the greatest pressure throughout the year, 19 Blue Flags waving in ACI Marinas across the whole Adriatic coast are the proof of ACI’s unconditional love, care and responsibility for the seas and the coastal areas. 

Foto: Davor Zunic / Petar Fabijan

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