Brač: Ancient buildings around Milna

After docking in the ACI marina Milna it is worth going along the trails of the past and exploring some of the ancient buildings.

Hermitage Blace

A gem carved from stone, the Blaca monastery is located at the foot of a high cliff that ideally served as a shelter. It was the first shelter of Poljica hermit monks who in time, by building small dwellings and adding to the cliff, eventually turned it into a monastery, which is today a priceless monument of value and beauty. The desert, where the monastery is located, came about by the settling of Poljica refugees in the 16th century, who founded a cooperative, led by Glagolitic priests, who had a very rich library and an observatory. Today, the desert Blace, located about 7 kilometers west of Vidova gora – the highest mountain on the Adriatic islands, is a natural museum visited by many tourists in the summer.

The abandoned village Dragovode

The village Dragovode is one of the ancient villages on the island of Brač, which had a role of accommodating the hermit monks from the Blace monastery. Located close to the monastery, the village Dragovode, together with the monastery and the old way of life, slowly became  completely abandoned apart from the occasional visit by shepherds.Today, the ruins sometimes serve shepherds for collecting their sheep. Dragovoda can be reached by car or on foot along a dirt road.

The stone bridge

Built on top of Veliki dolac it dates back to the Austrian government on the island. Brač residents affectionately call it the Franz Joseph bridge, and a few years ago, after decorating and landscaping its surroundings, it became a unique destination for hikers from Sutivan or Ložišćan. Near the bridge, on the north side of the gorge, there is a wonderful view of the magnificent Veliki dolac.

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