A significant number of large capital investments that are currently in the process of realization will transform Rijeka from a transit port into a tourist center, and the sights of the city will get a completely new outline.


On Monday, December 19, the Hilton Costabella Hotel hosted the “Transformation of Rijeka” conference, which brought together all relevant actors from the political, economic, and transport sectors, whose institutions and companies participate in the transformation of the flowing city. Capital investments, among which the construction of the ACI marina Rijeka in Porto Baroš, the construction of the new Rijeka bus station, as well as the second track, and the renovation and modernization of the railway, as well as the construction of the container terminal at the Zagreb pier, will completely change the vision of Rijeka. The topic of discussion among those gathered was the issue of Rijeka as the largest active construction site in the Republic of Croatia, and special emphasis was placed on capital projects that contribute to Rijeka’s transition from a transit port to an attractive tourist destination.

2023 will be the year of key projects in the city of Rijeka


Oleg Butković, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Sports, Transport and Infrastructure, Marko Filipović, Mayor of the City of Rijeka, Kristijan Pavić, President of the ACI Board, Denis Vukorepa, director of the Rijeka Port Authority, Ivan Kršić, president of the HŽ Infrastruktura Management Board, Josip Škorić, president of the Croatian Roads Management Board and Dario Silić, general director of BINA Istria, while the discussion was moderated by Mislav Togonal. Minister Butković opened the conference with an appropriate conclusion. “When there is joint cooperation between the Government and local self-government, as is the case in Rijeka, the flourishing that we are witnessing here takes place. Rijeka as a port and Rijeka as a city deserved such strong development in 2022, a year marked by the opening of the Pelješko Bridge, as well as the imminent entry into the Eurozone and Schengen. The year 2023 will be the year of delivery of various large projects in Rijeka. This is the year in which the construction of the luxurious ACI marina Rijeka should also begin, and with the development of freight traffic in the port, as well as the development of the railway, we will witness a winning combination. With the cooperation of the Government and the City of Rijeka, big projects are finally becoming a reality”, said Oleg Butković, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Sea, Transport, and Infrastructure.


From a transit port to an elite nautical destination


The construction of ACI Marina Rijeka in Porto Baroš is one of the fundamental capital projects whose implementation is underway, and Kristijan Pavić, president of the ACI Management Board, addressed this topic at the Transformation of Rijeka conference. “The importance of the future ACI Rijeka marina is reflected in the future of the entire Kvarner environment, as well as the standards and quality of life of all Rijeka citizens, given that the marina will be accessible to everyone. Also, the future ACI marina Rijeka will offer more than 130 new jobs, which I believe will contribute to the increase in employment of the local population, but also bring new residents to Rijeka. Furthermore, after the realization of the new ACI marina Rijeka, the city will get a new recognizable visage, it will open up to the sea and attract tourists with high paying power, while it will enable entrepreneurs to offer new facilities as well”, concluded Mr. Pavić. The discussion, in which all the speakers participated, as well as numerous guests present, brought important predictions and conclusions regarding the future of the city, especially for its transport and nautical infrastructure, which should be in full bloom from 2023 onwards.


Photos: Vedran Karuza, Novi list



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