By sharing knowledge and experience with young future sailors, the employees of ACI Marina Split contributed to the professional development of young people in the local community and their future careers.

Representatives of ACI Marina Split held a guest lecture as part of the „Let’s talk about the sea“ project. It is a valuable project of the Maritime School in Split, and on this occasion the key people of the Split Marina presented the students with the opportunities that await them on the labor market after completing their education. Representatives of the national nautical leader shared their knowledge, experiences and good examples from nautical practice with the students. Finally, the students and their professors were presented with the job offer that the Split marina offers to newly minted sailors and sailors.

Through synergy with educational institutions, ACI deepens relations with the local community

The head of the reception Priscilla Zelić Čarija and the crew leader of Split’s ACI marina Siniša Šimun Vulić presented their future colleagues with first-hand personal experiences and examples of good practice in nautical and seafaring. In addition, as part of the visit of more experienced colleagues, the students also had the opportunity to listen to a presentation on nautical tourism, Split’s ACI marina, as well as to discuss the latest trends and needs of boaters, services and activities in the marina, digital transformation, sailing, but also the excitement associated with ACI Sail races hosted by ACI. The gathered students were presented with the most important topic for them, which relates to the need for professional staff on the labor market, as well as in the Split ACI marina. The lecture held for future sailors and sailors represents an initiative through which ACI further strengthens synergy and deepens the positive effect it has on the local community.

The Split ACI marina will continue to look for young and high-quality professional staff in the future

žThe Split marina, as well as the entire ACI system, has been recording top business results for many years. These business indicators are the result of investment in a quality combination of theory and practice. Therefore, the cooperation between ACI and the Maritime School in Split, which represents the largest and most numerous high school educational institution in Croatia, is not surprising. In the future, the labor market will offer more and more space for sailors and sailors, and the demand for experts in both fields will increase with the development of maritime technologies. Precisely ACI Marina Split, as one of the key Croatian nautical destinations, will continuously expand its professional staff thanks to continuous investments in the development and improvement of its infrastructure and services, and some of the students who participated in the lecture will surely find their workplace there.
At the very end, the employees of ACI Marina Split presented appropriate gifts to the students, and school Headmaster Dragan Pavelin presented certificates of appreciation to the lecturers from ACI Marina Split. Everything was carefully supervised by the mentors in the „Let’s talk about the sea“ project, professors Marijana De Marchi and Ivan Roščić.

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