The largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean, through its support of the world’s best distance swimmer Dina Levačić, once again confirms its status as the most loyal partner of Croatian sports and top athletes


ACI’s sports family is richer for another new member. the world’s best distance swimmer, Dina Levačić, is the new ACI Ambassador. The cooperation between the national nautical chain and top distance swimmers came about completely naturally, since both Dina and ACI cherish their love for the sea and live with it in symbiosis. In addition to the great successes she has achieved so far, the athlete faces many new challenges, in which from now on she will be accompanied by the largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean. The achievements of our athlete were also recognized by the International Open Water Swimming Organization (WOWSA), which declared her the best athlete in 2023.

Sea expanses are a new challenge that ACI approaches with the world’s best distance swimmer

From its very beginnings, the national nautical chain has been dedicated to the promotion of the Republic of Croatia and its regions through sports and tourism, while supporting various sports activities, events, individuals and teams. The professional and social engagement of the company so far has been characterized by great cooperation with top Croatian athletes, among whom is now Dina Levačić. It is a continuation of the long-standing tradition of active support for promising young athletes, top professionals, who above all mark the present, but also the future of Croatian sport. In February, Dina took part in a three-week African adventure. More precisely, she became the first person from Croatia to swim across Robben Island and won two other major swimming challenges – False Bay and Cape Point. After South Africa, Dina plans to conquer Dalmatia. Namely, in front of her is the project 104 Dalmatians, as part of which she will swim around the same number of Dalmatian islands, islets and rocks. The goal of the project is the promotion of Croatian islands and the promotion of Dalmatia and its natural beauty.
“I am extremely glad that in 2024 I am going on new adventures with my new partner ACI. I am glad that they recognized my work, effort and commitment, and that they recognized the value of this collaboration, which came naturally, considering that they, as well as I, are strongly connected to the sea. I hope to justify their trust as the largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean and that we will continue this cooperation in the future.”

ACI sports family is richer for an athlete whose career has been accompanied by the prefix “the best” since the very beginning.

In her career so far, Dina Levačić can boast of numerous great successes and achievements, among which the swimming of the English Channel should be singled out, as well as the triple crown of long-distance swimming – more precisely, in addition to the English Channel, she also swam the bridges of Manhattan in New York City and the Gulf of California from Catalina Island to San Pedro. Also, Dina not only swam the triple crown, she did it in 90 days and became the sixth person in history, and only the second woman to do it. Another exceptional achievement she can boast of is swimming all seven major “Ocean’s Seven” swimming marathons, which she accomplished as the youngest woman in history. The magnitude and importance of Dina’s success is also indicated by the title of person of the year 2023, according to Večernji list. There are numerous excellent results behind this young long-distance swimmer, and there is no doubt that she is one of the athletes who mark the present, but also the future of Croatian sport.
Promoting an active life and encouraging children and young people to play sports are the guiding thread by which ACI is guided in its socially responsible business. The company’s goal is to do everything in its power to direct future generations towards healthy physical, mental and social development, but also to direct them towards a healthy lifestyle, sustainability, love for the sea, people and movement. Connecting the sea expanses is the common goal of Dina Levačić and ACI, and the new collaboration is a new confirmation of ACI’s status as one of the biggest friends of Croatian sports and local athletes.


Photos: Dina Levačić private archive, 24 sata


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