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From 1 July, the Civil Protection Headquarters has made it easier for all EU citizens with European digital certificates to cross the border.

As of 1 July, COVID digital certificates have been introduced within EU member states, and all passengers coming from EU countries and/or regions and the Schengen area with a valid COVID digital certificate and its image can cross the borders of EU member states, including Croatia. For Croatia to remain a safe place to rest and stay, the National Civil Protection Headquarters has decided to extend the measures banning and restricting crossings at the border crossings of the Republic of Croatia until 15 July. entry into the Republic of Croatia must be accompanied by one of the three valid documents, which are:

  • Negative PCR or rapid antigen test results from the approved European Union tests, not older than 48 hours.
  • Confirmation that the person received a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine, or a single dose vaccine, more than 14 days ago.
  • A positive PCR or rapid antigen test or a doctor’s confirmation of the disease, confirming that the person has had COVID-19 in the last 180 days and at least 11 days before arriving at the border crossing that they have received at least one dose of vaccine in the meantime, are not required to present a negative test nor are they obliged to self-isolate for up to six months after vaccination).

Also, all passengers are allowed to perform PCR or rapid antigen testing immediately upon arrival in Croatia, but at their own expense, and are required to be in self-isolation until the results are due. In case of impossibility of testing, mandatory self-isolation for 10 days is determined.

Exceptions to the above are:

  • Health professionals, health researchers and care workers for the elderly
  • Border workers;
  • Staff in the transport sector;
  • Diplomats, staff of international organizations and persons arriving at the invitation of international organizations and whose physical presence is necessary for the proper functioning of those organizations, military and police personnel, humanitarian workers and civil protection personnel in the performance of their duties;
  • Passengers in transit, with the obligation to leave the Republic of Croatia within 12 hours;
  • Persons travelling for education;
  • Persons who travel for urgent personal / family reasons, business reasons or who have another economic interest, and do not stay in the Republic of Croatia or outside the Republic of Croatia for more than 12 hours.

More information on measures related to crossing the state borders of the Republic of Croatia is also available on the  website.

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