ACI reaffirmed its role as a regional leader of the green transition and care for the environment in nautical tourism with the implementation of the Sea floating bin, “Morska škovacera” – a technological solution intended to preserve the cleanliness of the sea and coast in one of the busiest ports of nautical tourism on the Adriatic

As part of its entire system, ACI continuously implements high-tech solutions aimed at improving sea and coastal management and making it more sophisticated, modern and efficient for environmental protection. All ACI marinas implement a business model of environmental protection and continuous ecological education of their employees, who through their work take care of the marina’s natural resources on a daily basis. In order to maintain a high standard of sea cleanliness, the ACI Marina Cres has installed a Sea floating bin, “Morska škovacera” – a device that collects an average of up to 1.5 kg of floating waste per day, which contributes not only to the cleanliness of the sea and the undersea, but also to the quality of life of the local community – greatly reducing the amount of microplastics and other toxic substances in fish that people eventually consume.


Long-term dedication to the sea, the environment and the community

The largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean and a regional leader in nautical tourism, ACI d.d., has implemented another technological solution aimed at protecting the sea and coast. In one of the busiest marinas on the Adriatic and the holder of the prestigious five anchors, a device called the Morska škovacera was implemented, thus continuing the long tradition of caring for the sea, as the most important natural resource of the Republic of Croatia. It is a technological solution in the form of a floating trash can that continuously filters seawater, collecting plastics, microplastics, detergents, oils and other materials from the surface, and consequently prevents waste from floating to the open sea or falling to the bottom where it can harm marine flora. and fauna. On the occasion of the implementation of the Morska škovacera, training was also organized for the employees of ACI Marina Cres on the use of the device, so that it could be put into use immediately and begin to actively reduce the amount of toxic substances in the sea of the Cres Marina.
Danijel Brnić, project manager at the Island Development Agency (OTRA), gave training to the employees of ACI marina Cres on the use of the device, while technical training on the use of the Lifepak CR2 AED defibrillator, which will be available in the marina from now on, was given by Mario Mikulan. Along with them as educators and the mayor of Cres, Marin Gregorović, and the director of ACI marina Cres, Alan Šepuka, as hosts, the event was also attended by Eliana Zec Solina, head of FLAG “Vela vrata”.


ACI marina Cres – one of the best examples of responsible sea and coastal management

Last year’s World Environment Day was celebrated by ACI by raising another Blue Flag in ACI Marina Cres, a globally recognized symbol of the highest standards of care for the sea and the environment, which has been proudly flying in this Kvarner marina for 23 years in a row. The important reinforcement, which ACI marina Rijeka received in the form of Morske škovacera, is a pledge for the safe continuation of this tradition in the future.
“ACI marina Cres is the holder of the prestigious five anchors for a reason, which also means that it is under high tourist pressure as one of the most important ports of nautical tourism in this part of the Adriatic. The marine hatchery will greatly help us to keep our marina clean, tidy and safe for marine life, both for the satisfaction of our guests and as a legacy for future generations. This device is another one of the services that make up the added value of ACI marina Cres, in addition to all the services we already have in the marina for our guests. The implementation of the Morska Škovacera will greatly affect the quality of life of the local community, as it will collect a significant amount of waste from the sea. With this step forward, we have once again shown how successfully we cooperate with the local community in this area, and Morska škovacera is just part of a long-standing quality cooperation”, said Alan Šepuka, director of ACI marina Cres and regional director of marinas in the Kvarner region.

The responsible management of maritime assets is also recognized by satisfied guests who return year after year

How important actions for the purpose of preserving natural resources are for ACI, apart from valuable recognitions such as blue flags, is best expressed by the satisfaction of the local community and visitors. Considering that ACI marinas throughout the Adriatic are the first contact of sailors with the local environments to which they belong, the Blue Flags flying in most of the marinas of the largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean are one of the best ambassadors of the entire destination. With the aim of continuing the trend of recognition for cleanliness and responsible management of the sea and coastline, it is of crucial importance to continue with the further implementation of activities and solutions that bring concrete results in this direction, and the community of the island of Cres knows this very well.

“We live ecology. Our guests are here primarily because they love a preserved sea, a preserved environment and something that is authentic, without which Cres would not be Cres. It is precisely for this reason that new technology, which we implement here, is important to Cres. The county port authority was already the adopter of the sea sloop, but observing and analyzing the operation of this device, we concluded that a more appropriate location for its use would be the ACI marina Cres, where there is a pontoon from which it is easier to operate. It is important that she remains in Cres, her function is carried out – she collects waste, and we can then analyze it, and perhaps find out how to prevent it. The marina is a system that provides a higher level of service to guests, and the implementation of this Sea Shack will certainly contribute to the beautiful image that this ACI marina sends,” said Marin Gregorović, mayor of the city of Cres.

Equipment purchase co-financed by the European Union from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.

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