During the first weekend of July, celebrations were held in all ACI marinas from Umag to Dubrovnik, and members of the ACI Board joined in the ACI marina Opatija, where jubilee awards were given to loyal guests and employees

On the first weekend of July, the largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean celebrated its 40th anniversary in all its marinas across the Adriatic. The vision of a unique national chain of nautical tourism ports was embodied in the founding of ACI on July 1, 1983, and the Company has grown to this day into the largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean and a regional leader in nautical tourism and the green transition of nautical tourism. As a result, the Republic of Croatia became a global nautical superpower and one of the most competitive nautical countries in the Mediterranean, which is why this great anniversary carries an important additional significance for the wider national community. Thus, on this occasion, jubilee awards were traditionally handed out to long-term loyal guests and employees who, with their distinguished service, provided an exceptional contribution to the development of the company and domestic nautical tourism as a whole. In ACI marina Opatija, these awards were personally presented to the employees and guests by the President of the Management Board, Kristijan Pavić, and members of the Management Board, Ph.D. Ivan Herak and Josip Ostrogović.


40 years of excellence, innovation and global competitiveness

In the last few years, nautical tourism has proven to be the most competitive and most resistant to crises, which makes it a leader in the overall tourism results of Croatia and a key strategic determinant for further economic progress. In addition, nautical tourism is of key importance for a segment that today almost surpasses business results in terms of importance, and it is about the sustainable development of tourism and the preservation of the environment. And when it comes to the Republic of Croatia as one of the leading nautical countries in the Mediterranean, the common denominator for all of the above is precisely ACI, which continuously records excellent business results and leads the region in nautical trends.
“The establishment of ACI as a unique national chain of marinas marked the most important step forward in the history of Croatian nautical tourism, and we can best witness this today, 40 years later. Today, Croatia has every right to boast of the largest chain of marinas in the entire Mediterranean and a regional leader in nautical tourism. On this occasion, I would like to thank all our loyal employees who have created ACI for the last 40 years and made it possible for it to be one of the most important Croatian companies today and a significant factor on the nautical map of the world”, said the president of the ACI Management Board, Kristijan Pavić.

Based on the rich tradition of caring for the sea and the community, we are creating the future of nautical in the next 40 years

“Celebrating the great and important 40th anniversary, we pay tribute to the vision and efforts of those before us, and today we are building the future of the nautical and tourism sector together side by side. We continue the long tradition of love and care for the sea and the environment by setting technological trends and leading the green energy transition in nautical tourism. Already today, we can boast of the most technologically advanced marina in the Adriatic, and quite possibly in the entire Mediterranean – ACI Marina Rovinj, as well as numerous other ports of nautical tourism within our chain, in which we implement underwater robotic and sensor technologies to manage cleanliness, energy consumption and traffic in our marinas. In addition, we also played an important role in the “Northern Adriatic Hydrogen Valley” project, and based on all of the above, we firmly believe that ACI d.d. to be the first name in the domestic nautical and maritime sector in the next 40 years”, stressed Dr. sc. Ivan Herak, member of the ACI Management Board for finance, corporate law and human resources.
The pinnacle of high-tech nautical solutions will be ACI Marina Rijeka, as the future most technologically advanced marina in the Mediterranean and the center of innovation and development of technologies that will be used in marinas around the world. Moreover, the entire construction project of the ACI Marina Rijeka in the best possible way outlines the green and digital transition that ACI fully strives for and, continuing the 40-year tradition of excellence, represents one of the biggest steps and pledges for the future that ACI presents to its country and community.

“The new ACI Marina Rijeka will completely change the look of the entire city, and we hope that the construction of the marine section will begin by the end of the year. We expect the completion and opening of the marine part by 2025, followed by the opening of the entire marina in 2026. I certainly hope and am convinced that ACI Marina Rijeka will be the new center of the city. With this step, Rijeka will grow from a transit town where people stayed for a day or two into a nautical center that will certainly be the goal and destination of a large number of sailors. This 50 million euro marina will have 230 berths, and the companies ACI and GITONE Kvarner will be responsible for its construction and operations. I am convinced that it will be a beautiful story, and on that note, I would like to use the occasion of the 40th anniversary and thank all our employees for their faithful work and effort, because they are the foundation of ACI and those who enable ACI to be what it is today. it is”, said Josip Ostrogović, member of the ACI Management Board for investments, marketing and retail.


We appreciate and remember all the contributions of our community members, as well as long-standing friendships with loyal guests

Among the experienced members of ACI’s community, who stood out for their long-term contribution, Neda Klanac, expert associate for accounting and finance II, who has been with ACI for 35 years, stands out. “ACI is one big family and that’s why many colleagues stay for many years. Through so many years of work experience, one really experiences various situations, but what I remember and stand out is the love for work and the family atmosphere. I am sure that I will continue to bring that into my working days and take it with me from here one day”, she pointed out on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the founding of ACI.
Among the winners of the jubilee award on the occasion of the 40th anniversary was the guest of ACI marina Opatija, Gunther Hayn, who has been visiting this marina for more than 10 years. As he points out, he and his family stayed in Palma de Mallorca for years, but Croatia attracted them and kept them with its beautiful clean sea and extremely friendly tourist employees, among whom the staff of ACI stand out.
In addition to the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of ACI, which took place at the beginning of July in all ACI marinas, this important jubilee for the Society and the entire domestic tourism sector, ACI will further magnify with a central celebration that will be held in Rovinj, in November of this year.

Photos: Vedran Karuza, Novi list; Nikola Cvjetković, NOVINET

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