In addition to being the biggest ambassador of Croatia in terms of nautical and tourism, ACI has been providing active support to other channels of national publicity for many years, and this April hosted the filming set of the German hit series in its marina in Trogir.


On April 14, the German crime series “Der Kroatien-Krimi”, in the English translation of “Split Homicide”, was filmed at the location of ACI Marina Trogir. It is a very successful series whose viewership per episode can reach 6 and a half million viewers and a 20% audience share, which means that every fifth German who watches TV in prime time watches a Croatian crime story in the evening. The series has been filmed in seven seasons so far, and each season contains two episodes of 90 minutes and has been filmed in several locations along our coast: Split, Vis, Šolta, Omiš, Dubrovnik. The series is filmed in cooperation with the Croatian production company Pakt Media, and the main character is inspector Branka Marić from Split, who was played by the German actress of Iranian origin Neda Rahmanian.


ACI marina Trogir as part of an eminent domestic circuit

In addition to being the largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean, one of the biggest ambassadors of Croatia in terms of nautical and tourism, ACI has been actively supporting other channels of national promotion of Croatia for many years. Thus, ACI marinas, as an indispensable part of the urban infrastructure of our most attractive coastal and island cities, have often been seen on small screens as part of films and series filmed in these areas. The latest in a series of examples is the German blockbuster called “Murder on the Adriatic”, which set the action of the series in Dalmatia, presenting viewers with its beauty, space and tourist attractions. The plot of this series included scenes in ACI marina Trogir, which got its five minutes of fame in the role of a filming set.

The national promotion of Croatia is the driving force behind all our efforts and actions


In the last few years, Croatia has increasingly stood out as a popular destination for filming movies and television series. In addition to the series showing the beautiful scenes of Croatia, this project will also attract many tourists who want to visit the filming locations. The effect of such projects on tourism has already been demonstrated by the example of the globally popular series “Game of Thrones”, whose shooting locations in Dubrovnik and Split have become real tourist attractions. By filming this series, ACI once again showed its commitment to promoting and supporting the cultural aspects of Croatia and provided significant support to the development of additional channels of tourism promotion of our country. Moreover, the company is already an established sponsor of the most important domestic cultural events such as festivals, exhibitions and other events, as well as a co-organizer and main sponsor of some of the biggest sports events in the region. The company also adds faithful support to activities that promote nature conservation and environmental protection, because the clean sea and untouched nature are the most recognizable determinants of Croatia’s national identity and the main competitive advantage compared to other tourist destinations.

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