Krka National Park

Skradin is a favorite starting point for many boats going to the Krka National Park. This park, alongside Plitvice Lakes, is the most popular Croatian national park.

The waterfalls of Krka, created by depositions of travertine (a type of limestone), are a real attraction for visitors. The park covers most of this amazing river. The beautiful nature looks like it was stolen from Tolkien’s Middle-Earth and the area is also very rich in cultural and historical monuments.

The must see attraction is the Franciscan monastery on the islet Visovac, which is located in the lake part of the river. Within the monastery there is a gallery of paintings. The almost seven-hundred-year-old church can also be visited.

Located in the upstream part of the river is the Orthodox monastery of Krka, which is surrounded by several old ruins in the hills. Several surrounding mills have been transformed into small ethnographic museums and curiously they are still working.

Certainly the biggest attraction are the seven waterfalls, including the widest one Roški slap and Skradinski buk, the largest and most famous one. Roški slap is surrounded by high canyon cliffs in the dense green landscape and only Skradinski buk exceeds it in beauty. It consists of seventeen steps spaced out on 800 meters in length. Visitors of the park usually stop just when passing these two waterfalls, and the bravest sometimes have a swim in always fresh waters of Krka.

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