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Marina location:

Na skali 2, Mokošica,
20001 Dubrovnik


Welcome to ACI marina Dubrovnik


ACI marina Dubrovnik

ACI marina Dubrovnik is one of the safest marinas to berth, keep and maintain your vessel in. It is also an ideal starting point for a complete boating adventure. ACI marina Dubrovnik is ACI marina with most “Flower of Tourism – Quality for Croatia” awards and Blue Flag recognitions. Since last year, guests and visitors of ACI marina Dubrovnik also have the innovative ACI Golf Range at their disposal. ACI marina Dubrovnik is the first and only marina on the Adriatic Sea to offer that unique service.


The ACI marina is located at the end of the Rijeka (“river”) Dubrovačka inlet, whose width varies between 170 and 400 metres all the way to the easily identifiable monastery in the village of Rožat. The landmark to be used when approaching the mouth of Rijeka Dubrovačka is the islet of Daksa, which can be rounded from any side. On the northern cape of the islet there is a lighthouse (Fl W 6s 7m 10M). The exact position of the lighthouse is 42°40.2’ N 18°03.5’ E. The entrance to the mouth of Rijeka Dubrovačka is marked by a lighthouse on Cape Kantafig (Fl R G 2s 8m 4M). The route following the riverbed leads to the Mokošica lighthouse (Fl R 3s 6m 4M) and on to ACI Marina Dubrovnik. From Rožat the inlet becomes narrower and shallower. The water depth is 3-5 metres. The marina it is protected from river currents by a long breakwater, and at night it is floodlit.


ACI marina is equipped with devices for discharging fecal and oily waters.

Traveling to:

ACI marina Dubrovnik


Nearest airports:


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The use of the official navigational charts, the HHI edition is recommended:

101, 300-34, INT3414, 100-27, 50-20, MK-25

ACI marina Dubrovnik

Services in the Marina

Reception desk with exchange office
Toilets adapted for persons with special needs
Grocery store
Free WI-FI
Swimming pool
Toilet and shower facillities
Fuel Station
Rent a Boat
Golf Range
Travel Lift
Maintenance and repair shop

Services  near the Marina

ACI marina Dubrovnik PARTNERS


Available on all ACI receptions and at shop.aci-marinas-com

About Dubrovnik


In the south of Dalmatia, where the string of Adriatic islands ends and the open sea begins, at the foot of Srđ hill, lies the pearl of the Adriatic, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that dates back to the 7th century. Among many world cities, Dubrovnik is one of those that has best kept its walls and historical center. It is precisely because of its walls that Dubrovnik is a magnet today that attracts numerous tourists, film crews and the global elite. Dubrovnik has been the host of the crews of the most popular TV shows and films today: Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Robin Hood… One of the most attractive ways of visiting Dubrovnik is via the sea. ACI marina Dubrovnik, located in Komolac, in Rijeka Dubrovačka, is only six kilometers away from the old Dubrovnik center.


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ACI marina Dubrovnik

Tel: +385 (0) 98 398 813

UHF/VHF channel 17

Harbour Master’s Office Dubrovnik

tel/fax: +385 (0) 20 418 988,
VHF channels 10 and 16

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