ACI marina Supetarska Draga



All year round

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Marina location:

Supetarska Draga, 51280 Rab


Welcome to ACI marina Supetarska Draga


ACI marina Supetarska Draga

Like ACI Marina Pomer in Istria, ACI Marina Supetarska Draga lets us get close to nature  and experience a small fishing village. It is also famous for its clean sandy beaches that are sheltered from the wind, increasingly attracting boaters, in particular those with small children. ACI Marina Supetarska Draga is open throughout the year, and after a recent expansion offers 344 wet berths and 53 dry berths. In addition to all the expected amenities, this ACI marina is justly famous for the fine dining in its restaurant.


When approaching from the north or west two landmarks can be used for orientation, Cape Sorinj with a Fl W 3s 10m 6M  lighthouse and Cape Kalifront with a Fl (3) W 10s 11m 8M lighthouse. The exact position of the Cape Sorinj lighthouse is 44°50.7’ N 14°41.0’ E. Maman Islet, whose coast is shallow, lies between Kamporska Draga and Supetarska
Draga bays. ACI’s marina lies at the end of Supetarska Draga bay. The marina’s breakwater is around 200m long and its head is marked by a red lighthouse (Fl R 5s 7m 4M). When approaching from the south, take the course along Cape Kanitalj and on towards Cape Kalifront. At night it is best to sail from Kalifront in the direction of Cape Sorinj until the marina’s red lighthouse is sighted.

Traveling to:

ACI marina Supetarska Draga


Nearest airports:

Rijeka, Zagreb, Zadar

Travel by car:


The use of the official navigational charts, the HHI edition is recommended:

101, 300-34, INT3414, 100-27, 50-20, MK-25

ACI marina Supetarska Draga

Services in the Marina

Reception desk with exchange office
Toilet and shower facillities
Toilets adapted for persons with special needs
Maintenance and repair shop
Tesla Only Destination Charge
Tesla Universal Destination Charge
Free WI-FI
Crane 9t

Services  near the Marina

Fuel Station11 nm
Grocery store
ACI marina Supetarska Draga PARTNERS


Available on all ACI receptions and at shop.aci-marinas-com

About Supetarska Draga


Rab Island owes its name to the Illyrians, who lived on the eastern shore of the Adriatic, and who were conquered by Romans. The Illyrians called the island Arbe, which means dark, murky. It was named after the thick dark green forests of the Mediterranean evergreen oak that covered it in ancient times. Supetarska Draga on Rab is the name of both the village. It is one of the oldest settlements on the island of Rab.It is well known for its pure sandy beaches protected from wind, which makes it attractive to boaters, especially sailing families with small children. Supetarska Draga is surrounded with numerous uninhabited islets with natural beaches ideal for robinson tourism. This is a true tourist paradise. And tourists are not the only ones who enjoy beaches and bays of Supetarska Draga. As photo enthusiasts are already aware of, many kinds of birds have settled in this natural peace of heaven. Thanks to long maritime tradition, Supetarska Draga is a favorite boaters’ destination. The beauty of the island’s oldest bendictian abbey attracts tourists and believers the same. If you visit Supetarska Draga during the summer, it is very likely that you will have an opportunity to visit some gastro, sport or cultural entertainment happening.


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ACI marina Supetarska Draga

Tel: +385 (0) 98 398 841

UHF/VHF channel 17

Harbour Master’s Office Rijeka,
branch office Rab

tel/fax: +385 (0) 51 725 419
VHF channels 10 and 16

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