In addition to now being able to see another attraction worthy of true admiration, boaters who come by car can finally get to their favourite southern destinations even faster and easier – ACI marina Dubrovnik, “Veljko Barbieri” in Slano and Korčula


On Tuesday, July 26, the dream of joining the north and the south and the final integrity of the Republic of Croatia was finally fulfilled – a dream that has been going on since the declaration of our country’s independence. It is about the day when the Pelješki Bridge was officially opened, one of the biggest infrastructural advances of the modern era, not only in the territory of Croatia but also in the territory of the whole of Europe, which puts our country alongside the most competitive countries in Europe and the European Union. Given that this great occasion has now completely opened the doors of southern Dalmatia as one of the strongest tourist and nautical regions in Croatia, all the conditions for significant economic progress in this region have been met. Therefore, this historic event was attended by the president of the ACI Management Board Kristijan Pavić and the member of the Management Board Josip Ostrogović, who expressed great pride and satisfaction with the progress achieved for the whole country, but also with the fact that ACI marinas in the south of Croatia are now much more accessible to boaters from all over of the world.


More advantages for the entire domestic economy…

The long-awaited opening of the Pelješko Bridge will bring much more to Croatia than symbolism and sentimental value because such a complex project, first of all, confirms that it is indeed a modern European country that is capable of realizing even the most challenging undertakings – and at the world level. Furthermore, southern Dalmatia, which until now was one of the most prominent, but also the most dislocated tourist regions of Croatia, has now symbolically received a wide open door to fulfilling all its potential, starting with indescribable natural beauty, rich oenological and gastronomic offer and ending with a unique cultural heritage. “It is truly a great honour and pleasure to witness this historically important event for our country. The Pelješki Bridge is a very complex project and one of the biggest infrastructural breakthroughs that Croatia is known for in the world. Thanks to achievements like this, Croatia proudly stands out among the most competitive countries in Europe and the European Union,” said Josip Ostrogović, a member of the ACI Board.

… and especially for nautical tourism.

The southern Adriatic is widely known for its beauty among sailors from all over the world, and this is confirmed by the numbers. Namely, the estimate of attendance for the year 2022 in the ACI marinas of the southern Adriatic – Dubrovnik, “Veljko Barbieri” in Slano and Korčula is about 24 thousand sailors, which is 70% better than last year. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that accessibility is of crucial importance when choosing a destination. With the opening of the Pelješko Bridge, the south of Croatia is no longer just an air destination but is also directly connected by road to our broadcasting markets. All domestic travellers, tourists and yachtsmen get another attraction that is definitely worth a visit, besides practical advantages. With its modern construction and imposing dimensions of 2,404 meters in length and 55 meters in height, it arouses the admiration and curiosity of boaters who are already showing interest in the bridge as a tourist attraction, while at the same time it fits unobtrusively into the view of the beautiful Maloston Bay. “I hereby thank the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure and everyone who participated in the construction of one of the most important infrastructure projects since the declaration of independence of the Republic of Croatia.” For us, this project symbolizes the long-awaited fulfilment of the dream of uniting the north and south of our country and the final integrity of the Republic of Croatia. The opening of the bridge will affect both the entire tourist offer of southern Croatia and the everyday life of the local population. Due to the exceptional monumental and imposing beauty of the bridge, it is not surprising that our sailors have already shown interest in the bridge as a tourist attraction. There is no need to talk about the greater availability of our marinas in the far south, ACI marina Dubrovnik, Korčula and “Veljko Barbieri” in Slano. We certainly expect an increased influx of boaters, who will now have more access to our marinas by road, not just by air,” said Kristijan Pavić, president of the ACI Management Board


Amali Doare Production- ACI Korčula

Sergej Drechsler/Novi list – Pelješki most

Foto Adria – ACI Dubrovnik

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