The martial arts spectacle Fight Nation Championship (FNC 7) will revive the ancient martial spirit of one of the most beautiful Roman amphitheatres in the world

On Saturday, September 3, 2022, the Pula Arena will host the biggest martial arts spectacle in domestic MMA promotion and at the same time one of the most important sports events in Croatia this September – Fight Nation Championship (FNC7). The fans of high-class mixed martial arts are waiting for the most exciting FNC program so far, with as many as three fights for the championship title in a magnificent environment surrounded by the walls of one of the most important Roman amphitheatres in the world. The event will be graced by numerous local and foreign names from the very top of the MMA scene, and a special treat for the local audience will be the fact that three local fighters from the Kickboxing and MMA club “Trojan Istra” are fighting for the championship titles. One of the co-organizers and main sponsors of this top sports event is ACI, and all the details that await us in Saturday’s spectacle were announced at the press conference in ACI marina Pula, which was also attended by our member of the Board for Finance, Corporate Law and Human Resources., PhD Ivan Herak.

Battles to remember in an epic setting

One of the most beautiful and best-preserved Roman amphitheatres in the world will once again revive its ancient glory when it hosts the biggest domestic MMA spectacle, Fight Nation Championship (FNC 7). “Gladiators of the modern age”, as they are popularly known, will provide the audience with an evening to remember with the strongest program so far and as many as three fights for the belt, while local fans and lovers of mixed martial arts will be especially delighted by the fact that they are fighting for the championship title exactly three local fighters from the club “Trojan Istra”. The heavyweight champion title will be defended by Ivan Vitasović, and the featherweight champion title by Daniel Bažant, while Andi Vrtačić will challenge for the middleweight belt. According to Zelgo Galešić, former fighter and coach of the MMA club “Trojan Istra”, it will be a memorable event, backed by the largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean, ACI d.d. “We are grateful for ACI’s support and we believe that through joint cooperation we will achieve great new successes”, said Zelg Galešić, former MMA fighter and trainer, club “Trojan Istra”.

Worldwide promotion of Croatian culture and sports in one

Sports events of this scale are always especially followed by major global leagues, promotions and media, which represents an important form of publicity for Pula and the Republic of Croatia in terms of top sports and magnificent sights, commented Dr. sc. Ivan Herak, member of the ACI Management Board. “The Fight Nation Championship in the beautiful Pula Arena combines several key factors for excellent promotion and development of the recognition of the city of Pula and our country. First of all, we have an evening of top sports organized by a league whose fighters compete at a really high level. Then there is the magnificent Arena as one of the most famous stages in this part of Europe for events of almost all kinds, from film festivals, concerts and other cultural events to world-class sports events. There is additional symbolism in the fact that the best domestic MMA fighters, as ‘gladiators of the modern era’, will defend their championship titles in one of the most important Roman amphitheatres in the world. All of this is a perfect match for the continuation of Croatia’s branding towards sports at the highest world level, which is what ACI d.d. systematically spends a long period of time through cooperation with Olympic sailors and athletes in general”.
That such partnerships are of key importance for achieving these goals in the future as well as continuing to establish Croatia as a country of top sports and tourism was emphasized by M.Sc. father Josip Ostrogović, member of the ACI Management Board for investments, marketing and retail. “We are proud that, as one of the co-organizers and main sponsors, we will be part of another top sports event, which will bring together the best of the best in this area and beyond. Fight Nation Championship is the strongest domestic MMA promotion and to a large extent shares our strategic goals of promoting Croatia towards the highest class sport”.

Photos: Milivoj Mijosek, Glas Istre


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