Risnjak – Wild beauty for true nature lovers

To those who pick ACI marina Opatija as their starting point we highly recommend a visit to the Risnjak National Park. The entrance is not far away from the marina, situated on the border with the Gorski kotar region

The beauty of Risnjak is subtle, it is necessary to be inclined to see and love the wonders of nature to fully appreciate it. Only 23 kilometers of air distance makes for a significant change in climate, and the mountain Risnjak looms over the entire Park. Over the massifs of Risnjak and Snježnik passed sthe great migrations of alpine, arctic and boreal species on their way southeast but on these mountains a significantly different vegetation was preserved. Together with the massif of Snježnik Risnjak creates a great climatic and vegetational barrier between coastal and continental parts of Croatia, a kind of border of climate zones.

Risnjak was made a National Park exactly 60 years ago, in September of 1953. It takes its name from the Croatian word for its most famous inhabitant, the lynx. There are, in addition to the lynx, two other big European beasts living here, the bear and the wolf, as well as 1148 plant species and subspecies.

If you decide to visit Risnjak, you simply have to enjoy some bear, wolf and lynx watching from the Lazac log cabin. Or you can climb one of the two mountain tops. You can also try your hand at mountain biking, sports fishing or you can just take it easy by taking a ride in an old fashioned coach. The ride will enable you to feel the spirit of bygone times as well as experience the magically beautiful nature in a ecologically friendly manner.

The single pass for the National Park is 45 kuna (approx. 5 euro), a family pass 100 kuna (approx. 14 euro), while children under 7 do not pay a ticket.

Info: www.risnjak.hr

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