ACI Marina Palmizana, Piskera and Rab are ready to welcome the very first boaters; ACI Marina Zut to join them soon


ACI Marina Palmizana opened its doors on May the 1st, whereas ACI Marina Piskera welcomed the first boaters on May 22nd.  ACI Marina Rab opens on the 1st of June and ACI Marina Zut should open once the current works at the marina have been completed.

Safe Stay and Safe Way Home

Since all ACI Marina across the Adriatic, from Umag to Dubrovnik, are expecting a favourable response from boaters to this boating season, ACI’s absolute priority is to ensure maximum safety for all their employees and guests.  The idea is to make all ACI marinas safe for holidays and a safe place to work, just as last year.  To ensure the safety of all the guests during their arrival, stay and return to their homes, and protect the health of all the employees, ACI has joined the Safe Safe Stay in Croatia project run by the Ministry of Tourism and Sport of the Republic of Croatia.

COVID-19 testing available for guests

Furthermore, we have made every effort to offer our guests free on-site COVID-19 testing at ACI Marina Dubrovnik. The other ACI Marinas will follow soon.  It should be recalled that ACI had as much as 70% of staff vaccinated against COVID-19 ahead of the tourist season in which they are working intensively in direct contact with guests.  More information on staff vaccination, COVID-19 testing-sites and protection measures applied at ACI Marinas to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in the workplace can be found in the ACI News section of our official website.  You can get the latest news and information in the ACI Newsletter, too. To subscribe to it, click HERE.  


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