The ACI Marina Opatija marked ACI Day and the official start of the Nautical Patrol

The ACI Marina Opatija marked ACI Day and the official start of the Nautical Patrol

On Wednesday, July 1st, two important events were celebrated at ACI Marina Opatija: The 37th anniversary of ACI Day and the official start of the Nautical Patrol of Jutarnji List 2020 (Croatian newspaper).

The Nautical Patrol of Jutarnji List

The Nautical Patrol is a floating editorial office for journalists who are sailors, sailing and sea lovers at the same time. For the fourth year in a row they have been touring around the marinas from Umag to Dubrovnik. During their sailing journey, the journalists conduct surveys in five languages ​​covering all the key aspects related to the staff friendliness, marina cleanliness, seawater quality, marina functionality, selecting the best marinas and rewarding the best one with the prestigious Golden Anchor Award at the end of the Nautical Patrol project.

This year’s credo of the Nautical Patrol of Jutarnji List is to connect the green with the blue Croatia. In other words, that means connecting the countryside with ‘blue highway’ used also by family farms that have developed their business in the “green background” to deliver their products such as wine, oil, fresh fruits and vegetables, honey and apitherapy products to the coastal areas. The connection between family farms and sailors has already been established, as family farms have started delivering their products to sailors on boats, and the goal is to further strengthen this connection.

ACI’s 37th Birthday

ACI Day is also the occasion to thank all of our guests for their loyalty. As a sign of gratitude, on that day in ACI Marinas across the Adriatic the most loyal guests receive special rewards.

The celebration of the 37th birthday of ACI Marinas was attended, along with the Nautical Patrol and the representatives of Jutarnji List, also by the Croatian Minister of Tourism Gari Capelli and the director of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić. They both emphasized the importance and the significance of nautical tourism in a way that, in addition to offering a unique Adriatic experience, it also provides a sense of security and belongs to the very top of the Croatian tourism offer for a reason.

Kristijan Pavić, the CEO of ACI d.d., stressed the importance and the benefits of the feedback they receive from sailors through the Nautical Patrol and pointed out that they try every year to apply the received suggestions to the greatest extent possible. He added that ACI themselves continually evaluate customer satisfaction, as well. However, the information they receive from the Nautical Patrol is very valuable.


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