The statement of mag.oec. Josip Ostrogović, member of the Management Board of ACI d.d. for investments, marketing and retail, for the Croatian edition of The Economist, World in 2023, we broadcast in its entirety.

Throughout most of its history, the city of Rijeka was recognized as one of the most important seaports in Europe and a city that, in terms of traffic and economy, represents the gateway to the Adriatic, and therefore the gateway to the Mediterranean.


Today, this coastal city represents the most important transit port for the Republic of Croatia in a strategic sense, but we are all witnesses to the fact that it really has a lot more to offer in terms of nautical tourism, which will undoubtedly be confirmed by the construction of the ACI Marina Rijeka in the area of Porto Baroš. This is the largest and most significant investment in Croatian nautical tourism in the history of the country, which will transform the Rijeka coast and breathe new life into the entire Rijeka and the region, as well as being a leader in sustainable development.

For the establishment of ACI marina Rijeka in the area of the port of nautical tourism Porto Baroš, investments of at least HRK 363 million are planned over the next few years, while the total value of the concession for 30 years is estimated at HRK 1 billion and 165 million. The concession for the construction of a new marina in the very center of Rijeka was awarded to the company ACI – GITONE, which was founded by the German Lürssen group, the world’s largest manufacturer of luxury yachts, and the largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean – ACI, where each of the two companies has a 50 percent ownership share . The marine part of the marina should be in operation as early as 2024, and the marina could be fully operational in 2025.

When it comes to the management of the marina itself by the joint company ACI – GITONE, ACI will be in charge of the part of the business related to nautical tourism, i.e. the reception of vessels and related services, while the company Lürssen will have other related tasks under its authority, including bringing megayachts to berth, as well as the development of new technologies in navigation and environmental protection. Moreover, ACI marina Rijeka will be one of the not only regional, but also global leaders in this segment. Thus, the technologies developed and applied in the ACI marina Rijeka will be implemented in other ACI marinas on the Adriatic, and probably much more widely – in marinas and vessels around the world.

The construction of ACI Marina Rijeka in the area of Porto Baroš is the largest and most significant investment in Croatian nautical tourism in the country’s history


The development of new ship propulsion technologies, digitization, autonomous or partially autonomous navigation, with the help of the most modern 3D projections of the underwater and above-sea part of the port, as well as alternative ship propulsion, for example on hydrogen or electricity, with the highest standards of environmental protection, waste disposal and reduction of harmful impacts on nature, are the future of nautical tourism, especially in closed and sensitive marine ecosystems such as the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. All of this adds to the significance of the future ACI Marina Rijeka, as a project that, in addition to the most modern and luxurious marina in the entire national offer, will also provide Croatia with the most technologically advanced marina in the Mediterranean, and quite possibly in the whole world.

Furthermore, according to the provisions of the concession contract, the ACI Marina Rijeka will be able to expand to the entire area of the Passenger Port, from Riva Boduli to the DeFranceschi jetty, i.e. the bunker and the Port Authority building, for which ACI and GITONE have already officially expressed their interest. The fact that GITONE Kvarner, a company from the Lürssen Group, recently took over the ownership of Forum catering and Riva Marina, thus also taking over the concession of the Passenger Terminal building and catering establishments Karolina and Boonker, which practically round off, shows that it is not just a matter of principled expression of interest. area of the Passenger Port.

As for the details within the nautical component of the project, the new marina in Porto Baroš will have a mooring capacity of 230 vessels, and will receive vessels with an average length of 16 meters, with the fact that the area of the Passenger Port, when it is in the function of the marina, as before, will primarily be designed to accommodate large, so-called superyachts. In addition to the offer for boaters, the project will completely transform the area of the eastern part of the port of Rijeka, i.e. Porto Baroš and the Senj pier, which has been closed to the public for decades. and commercial offers, to sports and other activities. With its numerous facilities, new workplaces and business opportunities, it will also improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the entire Rijeka region. Moreover, more than 130 employees will be employed in the marina, and when all the supporting activities are added to that, this figure will be significantly higher, considering that in the mentioned way, it will be possible to create new jobs in numerous activities of supply, maintenance, service and various services related to the operations of the port of nautical tourism, vessels and crew.

This is also one of the main reasons why we are looking forward to the realization of this beautiful future building intended for citizens, who we believe will enjoy everything we will have to offer them in the future largest, most beautiful and most special ACI marina on the Adriatic.



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