A week marked by the responsibility for the sea and the environment


After a week marked by large actions aimed at cleaning up the seabed at ACI Marinas Simuni and Dubrovnik, significant amounts of waste have been removed from the sea with an exceptional engagement of our fellow diving clubs.  Scuba divers of the Diving Center Foka took care of the seabed at ACI Marina Simuni, whereas the divers of the diving clubs Dubrovnik, ABYSS and Kjerna joined forces to help clean the seabed at ACI Marina Dubrovnik.  The hard-working members of the ACI Team rolled up their sleeves to help those amazing divers remove great amounts of trash from the sea and thus contribute to a clean marine environment.  This represents the company’s core value, which has been confirmed by the world-renowned Blue Flags that wave at all ACI Marinas across the entire Croatian coast.

We pass the clean seas and tradition of responsibility on to future generations

Sunday morning, June 13th, started with a large action aimed at cleaning up the seabed at ACI Marina Simuni. This clean-up activity was run in cooperation with Pag Town and Pag Tourist Board.  The activity was carried out by an experienced team of divers from the Scuba Diving Center Foka that has been running blue actions on the island of Pag for many years. In addition to cleaning up the seabed at ACI Marina, they cleaned up also the seafloor at Camping Village Simuni over the last weekend.  After the clean-up, the Navalis Center for Underwater Exploring (CPI Navalis) held an educational workshop on seahorses to additionally emphasize the importance of keeping the marine environment clean and protecting our marine life.

According to Stipe Žunić, Managing Director at ACI Marina Simuni, the seafloor has now been cleaned up from waste entirely and such actions shall continue in the Šimuni area and on the rest of the island of Pag, to teach the youngest generations that we must protect our seafloor and the marine environment.

Great efforts and care of the ocean produce great results

On Thursday, June 17th, a clean-up action aimed at cleaning the seabed of the Dubrovnik area was run in Dubrovnik, too.  Some 64 carts, 8 fishing pots, 5 car tires and a large amount of trash were removed from the seabed at ACI Marina Dubrovnik.  The fact that the action lasted almost 4 hours shows what an effort was made by the divers of the three diving clubs. Our ACI Team, led by Leo Ajduković, Managing Director at ACI Marina Dubrovnik, rallied to help the divers of the three diving clubs.  As he himself said, marine environmental protection plays an essential part in ACI business policy. Therefore, ACI runs such activities and events every year.  Moreover, added Ajduković, all of us at ACI are aware of humans’ impact on the environment.  Thereby we greatly contribute to the development of an environmentally conscious workplace and promote environmental responsibility in the communities we live and work in.

Love and dedication acknowledged by the whole world

The company ACI has been internationally recognized for its great love for and dedication to the ocean and marine environment.  As a matter of fact, the Blue Flags waving at ACI Marinas across the Adriatic coast are the proof thereof. They indicate an exceptionally clean environment and prove sustainable management of the marine and coastal areas and resources.

Photos: Bojan Kabaj, Nikolina Ćuk


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