Cres: Top destination for adrenaline fun

Cres, the biggest Croatian island is a mecca for nature lovers, but also extreme sports enthusiasts

Underwater fishing

The crystal clear sea and waters rich with fish and marine life make Cres an ideal location for underwater fishing. A championship in underwater fishing was held two years ago on Cres; the contestants caught dentex, sharpsnout seabream and salema porgy. Cres is interesting for underwater fishermen in the middle of tourist season as well because it is almost never crowded, since access from land is nearly impossible. On the other hand, a boat is a must, which will allow you to reach the coves and enable you to move from one place to another. The best area for underwater fishing is along the coast between Beli and Merag.


Thanks to incredible scenery and mild mistral, some locations on the island are more than suitable for paragliding lovers. Lubenice is the most popular spot, and every local paraglider pilot says you have to try it at least once. The take-off site is on the path that leads to the famous Lubenice beach, 50 metres from the village. The panorama is amazing and most beautiful at sunset. The landing site is at the beach itself, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. The landing is, of course, followed by a swim. It is advisable to carry as little equipment as possible because the climb back is pretty steep. The take-off site near Osorčica is also good, which is some 200 meters higher than Lubenice. The landing site is in Nerezine on Lošinj.

Free Climbing

Sport climbing or free climbing is a sport that gives you direct contact with nature, a great deal of satisfaction and an adrenaline rush. On Cres, free climbing began in the autumn of 2000, when first routes were equipped and bolted by members of the club for the development of free sports SCORPIO, who undertook a range of activities to equip a sports climbing site on nearby crags in the village of Lubenice. They equipped 8 routes with different difficulty ratings, which can be found in the official guide of climbing routes in the Republic of Croatia. In the following years, a number of activities were undertaken in order to equip routes on the entire island; today, there are several climbing sites with more than 30 routes.

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