ACI Free Days – daily berth free of charge for users on annual berthing

A new season of exciting sailing lies ahead and it is going to be marked again by the need to adapt to current reality and its respective circumstances.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to roll and we are aware that some new, yet unpredictable challenges may lie ahead, ACI d.d. keeps on taking a special care of their loyal users on annual berthing and of ACI Club members. 

With the view of creating the sense of belonging, increasing the guest satisfaction in all ACI marinas built along the Croatian coast and as a gratitude for the loyalty of clients on a valid Annual Berthing Contract, ACI d.d. offers a special benefit by rewarding them with a daily berth free of charge in all ACI marinas until June 30, 2021.

This benefit cannot be combined with other deals and ACI Card benefits.

Please note that a daily berth free of charge cannot be used by owners and users of vessels at the same marina for two consecutive days. This is to encourage the boaters to sail the seas and change their sailing destinations more frequently. 

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