ACI No.1 mobile App

ACI No.1 New Website and ACI No.1 Mobile App

ACI No.1 New Website and ACI No.1 Mobile App

Four years ago, ACI introduced ACI No.1, the annual catalogue of all ACI marinas in a completely new form of Premium Yachting, Lifestyle and Luxury Magazine.

The top-quality printed bilingual editions of ACI No.1 were followed by digital editions on its own four-language website and a complete digital package that included ACI No.1 pages and profiles on social networks, dedicated to ACI No.1 newsletter and ACI No.1 digital campaign. The fifth edition in both bilingual versions, Croatian-English and German-Italian, is already available in print. Both digital bilingual versions will soon be available for free download on the new ACI No.1 website and the ACI No.1 Mobile App.

“Content is King…”

ACI No.1 has been paying close attention to content from the very beginning. In addition to detailed information on ACI marinas, exclusive interviews with leading figures from the world of sports, science, economy, fashion and art and reports on innovations in the world of yachting and sailing, automotive and car industry, luxury watches and jewellery, gastronomy and elite tourism offers. We are proud to list just a few of the names: Lewis Hamilton, Valentino Rossi, Denis Conner, Jean-Claude Biver, Mate Rimac, Horacio Pagani, Frederic Beigbeder, Peter Burling, Pete Radovich, Ana Roš, Domagoj Đukec, Ivica Kostelić, Alberto Contador, Leonardo Ferragamo…
With each new edition, the quality of the content increased and a unique audience of collectors of the ACI No.1 edition began to be created. However, owning a print edition was not a prerequisite for becoming an ACI No.1 collector. Since the second year of publication, the ACI No.1 website has provided an archive of publications and published articles.

“…but, Distribution is Queen” – ACI No.1 is read globally

Over four years, with more than 100,000 printed copies distributed, thousands of digital editions have been browsed and downloaded. Digital editions of ACI No.1 are downloaded and read literally in all continents, which is confirmed by the image below which shows a map of the world with the countries where the digital edition of ACI No.1 is downloaded, browsed and read. Along with Croatia, of course, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, lead the world countries where the digital edition of ACI No.1 is read. Thanks to a loyal ACI No.1 audience that is growing day by day, ACI No.1 Partners are recognized all over the world.

Who are ACI No.1 Partners?

ACI No.1 Partners are companies with advanced visions and strategies active in the yachting, luxury and lifestyle industries, which carefully develop and nurture their marketing and promotional excellence, choosing the best-ranked media and channels through which to reach their clients and customers. ACI No.1 Partners recognized the potential and value of ACI No.1 as a precisely targeted medium, either in the first year or over time.

Through cooperation with ACI No.1, Hrvatski Telekom has decided to become a partner of all ACI digital channels.

Innovation as an imperative

Since the first edition, the integrated digital package has been an indispensable part of the ACI No.1 offer. ACI No.1 pages and profiles on social networks were opened, a dedicated ACI No.1 newsletter was sent four times a year, and an ACI No.1 digital campaign was created. The first digital edition brought very simple but innovative solutions such as clickable ACI No.1 Partner content and navigation within the edition – ACI No.1 Partner content and list.
In 2021, ACI No.1 enabled its partners, as part of the package, to present in the digital price list of all ACI marinas and services.
Thanks to marketing cooperation with Hrvatski Telekom, in 2022 a completely new ACI No.1 website and ACI No.1 mobile application were launched.

ACI No.1 new website and ACI No.1 App

ACI No.1 has always sought inspiration from the world’s leading industry examples. We always tried to unite the best of the best and add a note of innovation and personality. And go a step further, if possible. So it was with the new website and mobile app.
We invite you to visit the new ACI No.1 website and download the ACI No.1 app for Android or iOS for free. Meet or be reminded of all previous editions, review prominent interviews and reports on the site itself, and, better than ever, get to know the elite ACI No.1 Partner Club. The ACI No.1 site and mobile app connect you to the ACI Marinas, ACI App mobile app and ACI Online Booking and ACI Sail at all times.

• Download the ACI No.1 app from the Google Play Store for free

• Download the ACI No.1 app for free from the App Store

The new ACI No.1 site and mobile app bring you the ACI No.1 world and the world of ACI marinas in the palm of your hand.

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