The largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean is this year’s winner of valuable Nauticka Jedr awards, and ACI Marina Rovinj was deservedly chosen as the best domestic port for nautical tourism.

The Primi Terreni restaurant, located next to the ACI marina Rovinj, hosted the Jutarnji List Nautical Sail recognition ceremony. At the special ceremony, the best of the last year were presented with the prestigious Nauticka Jedra awards, which result from surveys of guests’ satisfaction in marinas during the summer season, as well as a panel of expert judges made up of experienced journalists and sailors. The event itself was attended by the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Nikolina Brnjac, and the Director of the Croatian Tourist Board, Kristjan Stančić, as well as representatives of the best domestic ports of nautical tourism. The highest award, i.e. the first place when it comes to excellence, went to the ACI marina Rovinj, the proud holder of the prestigious five anchors, which underwent a complete revitalization in 2019 and became the most modern port of nautical tourism in the Mediterranean. Second place was taken by another ACI marina, ACI Marina Palmižana, and in addition to the aforementioned awards for the two marinas, the national nautical chain also won the Award for Environmental Protection and Ecology, which went to ACI Marina Cres, as well as the Award for Gastronomy, which was deserved ACI marina Dubrovnik.

The jubilee 40th anniversary of the national nautical chain crowned with prestigious awards

“Achieving first and second place is a truly valuable confirmation of excellence and proof that continuous investments in quality and staff never go unnoticed by our guests. We are grateful for the opportunity to crown this year’s great 40th anniversary of our Society with this important step forward, and we are extremely proud to have represented our country in the best possible light this season, which ultimately confirms the satisfaction of the guests. I congratulate all our colleagues who participated in this project and who also achieved encouraging awards, as a confirmation that Croatian tourism and the Croatian nautical sector are going in the right direction”, said the president of the ACI Management Board Kristijan Pavić, who congratulated all colleagues on this occasion for the successful results and thanked for the joint contribution to the development of domestic nautical tourism.

“Another successful season is behind us, which was largely marked by one of the most successful pre-seasons in history, especially in nautical tourism. Numbers are very important to us in order to be able to support the quality that we talk about all the time, and I think that this can be seen in nautical through our marinas. We have some of the best marinas in the world, and in order for them to be even better, they are encouraged by projects such as the Nautical Sail, which consequently strengthen the competitiveness of all Croatian tourism. Therefore, I am happy about the fact that through the new Act on Tourism we will make another step forward in raising the level of Croatian tourism”, said the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Nikolina Brnjac.

Director of the Croatian Tourist Board, Kristjan Staničić, commented on this year’s laureates, but also on Croatian tourism, especially its development and bright future. “Boaters spend more than 180 euros per day, and when we talk about charter tourism, the figures exceed 250 euros per day. In addition, almost 100% of sailors consider the sailing experience to be in line with, or above, their expectations. What leads in the attractiveness that they like to visit are natural beauties, coasts and islands. To that extent, our responsibility in the future towards the preservation of the environment and our main resources is even greater”, he concluded.

ACI’s marinas are proof of excellence and the desire to develop the domestic nautical sector

Jutarnji List Nautical Sail presented the results of the experiences of sailors who stayed in Croatia this summer. The results arrived after 55 days of sailing and more than 1,000 miles traveled, 25 marinas visited and a total of 64 destinations along the Adriatic coast, and were based on numerous surveys with guests and socializing with marina staff. Position of regional nautical leader, ACI d.d. confirmed once again with prestigious awards for as many as four of its marinas, whereby the first two places among the three best domestic marinas were achieved by ACI Marina Rovinj and ACI Marina Palmižana. After the exclusive recognition of Jutarnji List for its contribution to the development of elite tourism in 2021, ACI Marina Rovinj once again confirmed its status as the most luxurious marina on the Adriatic by winning first place, while ACI Marina Palmižana symbolically crowned the increasingly better results it records from season to season with second place.

ACI marina Cres and ACI marina Dubrovnik also belong to the circle of the most trophy-winning domestic ports of nautical tourism. As in previous years, systematic investments in separate business segments of the largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean were recognized by the users themselves, i.e. boaters. Thanks to three restaurants of top gastronomy and a unique ambience, the newly renovated ACI Marina Dubrovnik was awarded with the Award for Gastronomy, while the Award for Environmental Protection and Ecology further confirmed the long-term continuous contributions of ACI Marina Cres in preserving the cleanliness of the sea and undersea.

Photo: Tomislav Krišto

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