Free Entrance ticket for NP Kornati to all visitors of ACI marina Piškera in 2020

Free Entrance ticket for NP Kornati to all visitors of ACI marina Piškera in 2020

ACI marina Piškera invites you to seize the opportunity of free tickets for the Kornati National park for all guests of ACI Marina Piškera in 2020. The price of the ticket for the Kornati National Park is included in the regular price of daily berthing in ACI marina Piškera.

Free ticket for the Kornati National Park for guests of ACI marina Piškera with paid regular daily berthing, valid for the day of sailing in and the next day until 7 PM.


As for the day of departure from the marina, if a visitor wants to stay on Kornati even after 7 PM, he/she has the option to purchase the tickets by consignment prices in ACI marina Piškera, thus saving 50%.

The legend of the Kornati Islands

The famous Irish Nobel Prize winner George Bernard Shaw wrote: “On the last day of Creation God desired to crown His work and thus created Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath”.
According to the legend mentioned by the writer, on the last day of Creation, God threw the remaining white rocks into the sea.
When he looked at what he got, he remained enchanted and concluded that there is nothing that should be changed.

The Kornati Islands, the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean

Of the 152 islands, islets and reefs between Dugi otok and the island of Žirje, 89 of them are included in the National Park.
The land constitutes only about a quarter of the surface area of the Park, while the marine ecosystem makes the remaining part.
The national park is rich in natural beauties, such as the vertical cliffs of the Kornati “crowns” and rare plant and animal species.

ACI marinas in the heart of the Kornati Islands

  • ACI marina Piškera is situated in the heart of unspoiled nature and in impeccable harmony with the national park represents a true paradise for yachtsmen and all those looking for authentic natural beauty.
  • The other marina of the Kornati Islands  – ACI marina Žut – lies in the vicinity, which is an exceptional occasion to enjoy the benefits of nautical tourism for several days, as well as to utilize the additional benefits of daily berthing:


  • 2 + 1* free Kornati – for two paid daily berths, the third is free*
  • 1 + 1 + 1 free Kornati* –  for one paid daily berth in ACI Žut and one paid daily berth in ACI Piškera, another daily berth in ACI Piškera is free, and vice versa
  • Super weekly combinations – in search of the most favorable navigational route find yours in ACI marinas:


* valid solely for consecutive days of daily berthing; not valid for the anchorage of Žut

**NOT applicable from 13th July-25th August; NOT VALID for anchorage Žut;

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