On the occasion of the World Environment Day, ACI marina Cres solemnly raised another Blue Flag as a symbol of unconditional care for the sea and the environment – for the 23rd year in a row

This year, ACI marked the World Environment Day in the most symbolic way possible – by raising another in a series of international Blue Flags in the ACI marina Cres. More precisely, one of the most beautiful island marinas on the Adriatic raised this globally recognized symbol of the extremely responsible sea and coastal management for the 23rd time in a row, thus once again confirming the constant care for the clean sea and environment as one of the core values of the largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean. .


The highest standards of the responsible sea and coastal management

“The blue flag for us is a top tourist promotion and symbolizes a preserved and safe environment, sustainable development in tourism based on high-quality service, clean sea, coast and equipment and arrangement of ACI marina Cres. In addition to the above, the marina also hoists the Green Sail flag “, said Alan Šepuka, director of ACI marina Cres.
The International Blue Flag is the most recognized model of environmental education, education and public information awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education – FEE. The award is given only for one season and the application must be renewed every year, and is awarded to beaches and marinas that meet a number of selected criteria in several areas: environmental education, public information, water quality, environmental management and safety and quality of service. The blue flag in the ACI marina Cres was ceremoniously raised by ACI marina Cres employee Dijana Kruljac and guest of the marina Rudolf Prosl from Germany in the presence of the director of the Cres Tourist Board Željka Stašić, Cres Port Authority Manager Tonči Opatić, Cres Port Authority Captain Đordan Vešković and Cresanka d.d.


Regional leader in green business development

ACI has already established itself as a regional leader in environmental protection and proudly displays the international Blue Flags in all its year-round marinas, and these extremely valuable awards do not come by themselves, primarily confirmed by large actions of cleaning the sea and submarine throughout the Adriatic. We are very pleased that these, now traditional events, from year to year gather more and more ACI employees, volunteers from local diving clubs and other valuable members of the community, who together extract from the underwater ACI marina all the waste that by force of circumstances and various factors end up there throughout the year. Unconditional care for the sea and the environment is woven into the very foundations of ACI, and these principles will continue to be implemented in the form of digital transformation, which has been implemented in many ACI marinas for some time and has yet to culminate in the future ACI marina Rijeka. Therefore, continue to follow us in the coming period, because a lot of great new news is already on the way.

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