The traditional Skradin regatta of cruisers held in the immediate vicinity of the Krka National Park for the third time in a row marked the beginning of the new season and delighted with its unique ambience

Last weekend, the third Skradin regatta of cruisers was held on Lake Prokljan, which officially opened the new nautical season. In this special location, 13 crews participated in the regatta divided into the categories “Lake racer” and “Lake cruiser”. In all sailing competitions, the most successful were Gringo 3 from JK Uskok from Zadar, while the crew of the boat KRKA from JK Val was the best in Lake cruiser category The organizer of the regatta has traditionally been JK Kon-Tiki Sailing Croatia, and this time the role of host was also taken over by ACI Marina Skradin.


The nautical leader hosted top sailors who opened the season in ideal weather conditions


Last weekend, the third Skradin cruiser regatta was held on Lake Prokljan, which gathered a total of 13 crews. Thanks to the favorable weather conditions, the crews were able to enjoy superb sailing and the beautiful landscape that surrounded the lake. On the first day of the regatta, sailing was southerly, with the wind oscillating between ten and twenty knots, which allowed all crews to take advantage of the ideal conditions for the competition. In the overall ranking, the ship Gringo 3 from Zadar’s JK Uskok, with skipper Robert Sandalić at the helm, was the most successful, while ERCO D and Blue Lady II took second and third place. In the Lake cruiser category, Juraj Radačić from Sibenik’s JK VAL won on the KRKA boat. In addition to the competitive part of the regatta, the crews enjoyed a beautiful day at sea and the good atmosphere that was felt among the sailors.

“The Skradin regatta has become a tradition of this climate, and as a manifestation it has formed into a unique brand of our region, which, I hope, will be confirmed in the years to come. No other regatta has such an atmosphere, and the arrangement of the marina, the quality of the service, as well as the fact that the marina practically represents the gate of one of the most beautiful Croatian national parks, gives enough importance to this regatta and participation in it”, said Slaven Bogut, director of ACI Marina Skradin.


The sports and social event perfectly combined all segments of the desirable tourist destination


JK Kon-Tiki Sailing Croatia, as in the previous two years, again organized the Skradin regatta, while ACI marina Skradin once again proudly hosted this event. After the end of the competitive part of the regatta, a traditional get-together was organized in the Toni tavern, where the competitors and friends of the race enjoyed the authentic Dalmatian ambience. In addition, this event provided an opportunity for sailors to socialize and connect and strengthen their ties within the sailing community. In addition to promoting the unique atmosphere of the Skradin regatta, this event promotes Skradin and Lake Prokljan as special sailing destinations in the Mediterranean. At the same time, Skradin also presents itself as a city that encourages tourism and the development of sports events, which makes it attractive for both sports enthusiasts and lovers of natural beauty. The aim of the regatta was to show the unique atmosphere brought by this sweet-salty regatta held on Lake Prokljan, as well as the immediate vicinity of the Krka National Park. With this regatta, Skradin and Lake Prokljansko once again stood out as a special sailing destination in the Mediterranean.



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