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The largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean was awarded Blue Flags, thus continuing the long tradition of maintaining a high level of sustainable business


The largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean and a regional leader in nautical tourism, ACI d.d., has again been awarded Blue Flags as confirmation of responsible management of the sea. This significant recognition confirms the excellence of ACI’s marinas in terms of service quality, environmental protection and safety. On that occasion, the ceremony of raising the Blue Flag was held in ACI Marina Cres. This ceremony represents a special moment for the ACI and the local community, while highlighting the importance of preserving the environment and providing a top-notch experience to boaters. ACI d.d. continues to be a leader in the nautical sector, further promoting sustainability, quality and safety in marine tourism.


The tradition of taking care of the Adriatic Sea, crowned with international recognition, which flourishes in marinas


ACI d.d., as a regional leader in environmental protection, proudly points out the internationally recognized Blue Flags that are flown in all year-round marinas of the system. Receiving this recognition increases the visibility and reputation of the marina and attracts more boaters and tourists, which consequently creates a positive effect on the local economy, creating new jobs and encouraging the development of tourism infrastructure. In addition, Blue Flags testify to ACI marina’s commitment to environmental protection, which contributes to the preservation of the natural beauty of the region and the creation of a sustainable tourist environment. Blue flags have a strong positive impact on ACI as a company and on local communities and Croatian tourism as a whole. They confirm excellence, promote sustainability and create an attractive tourism image on a global scale. ACI d.d. and its marinas proudly accept this recognition and are continuously improving the level of quality, as well as sustainability, all in order to continue providing an exceptional experience to boaters and tourists visiting the Croatian coast.


ACI marina Cres confirms its role as a leader in the implementation of environmentally friendly practices


The blue flag at ACI Marina Cres was raised by ACI Marina Cres receptionist Martina Gregorić and marina guest Matevž Einspieler, in the presence of the Mayor of Cres Marin Gregorović, Director of the Tourist Board of Cres Željka Stašić, Manager of the Port Authority of Cres Đordan Vešković, representative of OTRA Cres Danijelo Brnić. “ACI Marina Cres is located on a beautiful island that abounds in natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. We are aware of the responsibility we have towards this area and we try to make our activity leave as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Sustainability is the basis of our business philosophy and we continuously invest efforts in reducing our ecological footprint, applying environmentally friendly practices and educating our staff and visitors. Thanks to the dedication of our team, ACI Marina Cres stands out as a top nautical destination that provides an incredible experience to all sailors who visit us, so it’s no surprise that our guests keep coming back year after year. For us, the blue flag represents top tourist promotion and symbolizes a preserved and safe environment, sustainable development in tourism based on high quality service, cleanliness of the sea and coast, as well as the equipment and arrangement of ACI marina Cres, said the director of ACI marina Cres, Alan Šepuka .


Through the installation of a series of practical devices, ACI systematically raises the standards of environmental care in its marinas


The International Blue Flag is the most recognized model of environmental education, education and public information awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). The recognition is awarded for one season only, and the request must be renewed every year, and it is awarded to beaches and marinas that meet a number of selected criteria in several areas: environmental education and training, public information, water quality, environmental management and safety, and quality of services. ACI’s marinas have been proud bearers of blue flags for many years, and the tradition continued this year as well. Flag-raising ceremonies will be held in all year-round ACI marinas, precisely to mark this commendable achievement and highlight the commitment of the national chain of marinas to high standards.
Along with the Blue Flag in the ACI Marina Cres, and the Green Sail Flag, next to which a vacuum pump for emptying and disposing of waste water from ships was installed last year, the “Morska škovacera” project, a floating trash can that filters seawater by collecting microplastics and waste, and new defibrillator Lifepak CR2 for prevention of cardiac arrest and resuscitation.

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