Opening of Seasonal ACI Marinas Rab, Palmizana, Zut and Piskera Postponed 

Although ACI Marinas Rab, Palmizana, Zut and Piskera used to re-open traditionally on April 1st, this is unfortunately not going to be the case this year. 

ACI d.d. continues to monitor the developing situation in relation to the global spread of Coronavirus, but we keep the faith and look forward with optimism to better circumstances. Therefore, we are taking appropriate action to re-open the doors of our seasonal ACI Marinas as soon as circumstances allow.

Furthermore, due to our responsible attitude and careful preparation and application of all recommended measures in an effort to protect the health of each employee and guest at ACI Marinas along the Croatian coast, all other ACI Marinas operate smoothly. Moreover, ACI d.d. is a proud member of the “Safe Stay in Croatia” project and guarantees all the conditions essential for a safer stay at our marinas.

For latest updates, follow us on ACI News & Events or subscribe to ACI Newsletter, where more detailed information on seasonal ACI marinas will be published as soon as available.

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