Vodice: 600 years of history

Vodice was built on an ancient Roman settlement called Arausa. It was first mentioned under the name it carries today in a Šibenik document dating from 1402, ordering Vodice villagers to pay for the construction of Šibenik cathedral.

Vodice old town and Čorić tower

The entire old town is a living monument to medieval architecture, and is still quite lively today. The church of the Holy Cross, the Church of St. Elias the Prophet and the Church of Our Lady of the Snows are the most valuable religious monuments of Vodice. Čorić Tower is a memorial of the Turkish era. The building was constructed ​​in the first half of the 15th century, and later changed owners and its function.

It consisted of a living area, adjacent buildings and gardens. It was built from quality Brač island stone by a wealthy aristocratic Šibenik family. The family crest located on the south wall of the tower tells us that at one time it was owned by Hieronymus Saracen and later by the Fondra family. Originally it was used as a summer residence and holiday home, and during the Turkish attacks the walls were erected to protect the owner, as well as the local population.

Biskupija and Prižba

Archeological sites Biskupija and Prižba on Srima are both cultural heritage sites. Biskupija is located about 200 metres southeast of medieval Church of Sv. Elias, where the remains of ancient Roman walls have been found.

On the surface of the remains there are visible fragments of tegulae, travertine and small fragments of ceramics. Archaeological finds and the proximity of the medieval church (even its name) suggest that there used to be an ancient late antique object in this region. Prižba on Srima is an early Christian double basilica, built in two phases. An identical southern part was added later to the the older northern part. Since 1971 the Prižba basilica has been listed as a cultural heritage site and registered as protected cultural monument of Croatia.

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