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The cultural heritage of the town of Hvar

With its millennial history, scenic natural surroundings and rich entertainment, the town of Hvar is a unique combination of cultural and historical heritage, natural beauty and modern tourism. Be sure to visit some of the attractions of Hvar while in ACI marina Palmižana Hvar theatre and Arsenal One of the most important attractions of Hvar

Zlatni rat: One of Europe’s most beautiful beaches

From the ACI marina Milna it is worth exploring some of the natural phenomena of the island. Zlatni rat On the south side of the island, in the municipality of Bol, lies one of the most popular Croatian tourist destinations, and probably the most popular beach on the Adriatic –  Zlatni Rat. Because of its uniqueness

Brač: Ancient buildings around Milna

After docking in the ACI marina Milna it is worth going along the trails of the past and exploring some of the ancient buildings. Hermitage Blace A gem carved from stone, the Blaca monastery is located at the foot of a high cliff that ideally served as a shelter. It was the first shelter of

Skradin: A rich history of a small town

The little town of Skradin was, at one time or another, the capital of the Roman province of Liburnia, the center of the early Christian diocese and the capital of Croatia and Bosnia. All this left its mark on its streets and squares. The town core of Skradin Skradin is probably the smallest town in the

Krka National Park

Skradin is a favorite starting point for many boats going to the Krka National Park. This park, alongside Plitvice Lakes, is the most popular Croatian national park. The waterfalls of Krka, created by depositions of travertine (a type of limestone), are a real attraction for visitors. The park covers most of this amazing river. The

Vodice: 600 years of history

Vodice was built on an ancient Roman settlement called Arausa. It was first mentioned under the name it carries today in a Šibenik document dating from 1402, ordering Vodice villagers to pay for the construction of Šibenik cathedral. Vodice old town and Čorić tower The entire old town is a living monument to medieval architecture,

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