ACI marina Cres, il secondo ACI marina con la categoria a 5 ancore!

Subito dopo che il nuovo ACI marina Rovigno è diventato il primo porto turistico dell’ACI ad avere la massima categoria a 5 ancore, il suo successo è stato replicato anche dall’ACI marina Cherso che è diventato il secondo marina a 5 ancore del sistema ACI. Il lavoro, l’impegno, l’esperienza, gli investimenti, la qualità dei contenuti e dell’offerta di

ACI marina Cres, the second 5 anchors ACI marina!

Soon after the new ACI marina Rovinj became the first ACI marina with 5 anchors categorization, its success was followed by ACI marina Cres – it became the second 5 anchors ACI marina. Work, effort, experience, investments and quality of amenities and services provided were recognized and evaluated in the best possible way.   

ACI marina Rovinj opening ceremony

The opening ceremony for, by many the most modern and the most beautiful marina of nautical tourism in the Adriatic, ACI marina Rovinj, took place on Friday, April 26, 2019 in Rovinj. New ACI marina Rovinj with the highest standards of design and technological solutions, is ready to stand side by side with other elite

ACI Mobile App

ACI Mobile App is a step forward in the sense of service and functionality for guests of the ACI system. Together with the possibility of booking and paying daily berth, ACI App offers its users information on ACI marinas with content on offer, the weather forecast and available capacity at desired locations. The ACI App

ACI & Vaša pošta – Sailing in Cres

On Friday, September 29th 2017, ACI marina Cres hosted an exceptional and wonderful gathering of children from children’s homes in Primorsko-goranska County, Pula and Karlovac, their educators, representatives of ACI and the representatives, sponsors and donors of the Foundation “Vaša pošta” (“Your Post”). It was a day full of emotions, joy, surprises and socializing for

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